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Zoom call with makers and coffee

Creative Cohort - live and virtual events

Pack of Labs

Discover the Strength of Community
The Lab Creative Cohort

We're all too familiar with the solitary journey of creatives, often navigating artistic and business landscapes as a lone wolf. Embrace the power of camaraderie and become a part of our pack by joining our free Creative Cohort.


Whether you're a painter, woodworker, wordsmith, or maker,

The Lab Pack Creative Cohort is your gateway to a network that uplifts and inspires. Subscribe to our mailing list or check out our event page to join both social and informative get togethers to help boost your business.


These get togethers offer a casual but focused place to:


🌟 Share routines and resources that support creativity and boost productivity.

🌟 Cultivate new connections and expand resources in the Napa Valley and beyond.

🌟 Extend encouragement and mutual accountability to propel your artistic endeavors.

No upcoming events at the moment
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